Debuted for Spring/Summer 2017, Delada is a brand rooted in the exploration of life under the rule of the Soviet Union. For designer Lada Komarova, this is a history that is more than close to home. Having lived through the tail end of the rule, and experienced the hardships that accompanied, himself, he sees his work as a way to illustrate the perseverance of youth in the face of adversity. Within each collection Komarova dissects some aspect of the coloured history of Soviet Russia, with the most recent being the underground subway system. He pulls inspiration from the empty promises made by the visually powerful architecture exhibited throughout the Union and observed daily by its citizens. With a distinctly deconstructionist flare, Delada is a brand that reimagines familiar garments as seen, not only by his childhood Soviet peers but, by youth, and therefore people, from across the world.