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A Brave New World beyond luxury retail. Leisure Center is a boundary-pushing physical platform in Yaletown Vancouver, offering a modern-day definition of leisure time, focusing on the following areas: fashion, art, music, print, homeware, cosmetics, food and drink housed in a sleek sanctuary.

Inspired by Vancouver’s forward-thinking, innovative reputation - and the hardworking yet balance-seeking individuals who make it up - Leisure Center combines luxury and leisure in a beautifully designed environment that strives to elevate the city’s cultural identity. Bringing together the best brands, artists, architects and luxury concepts, Leisure Center offers an experience and proposes a modern redefinition of leisure time. Put simply, “life doesn’t begin and end with the objects we purchase.”

CMK established in 2010 by architectural practices Mueller Kneer was chosen to design Leisure Center in 2016. CMK has garnered prestige in producing spaces for the arts, culture and fashion.

"The existing art deco building has a visually dominant structural grid and a beautiful concrete floor, which has the history of previous occupants inscribed into its layered and worn surface like a palimpsest."

“Leisure Center: Vancouver’s Store of the Future, Boundary-pushing architecture, plus great brands, books and wellbeing”

“Leisure Center marks a turning point in retail, fusing well-known labels with innovative products and concept rooted in health and wellness.”

“Multi-brand stores redefining retail”

“Leisure Center attempts to redefine luxury in a city known for casualness”

“A new lifestyle emporium in Vancouver reads like a sleek, new world souk”