A Brave New World beyond luxury retail. Leisure Center is a boundary-pushing physical platform in Yaletown Vancouver, offering a modern-day definition of leisure time, focusing on the following areas: fashion, art, music, print, homeware, cosmetics, food and drink housed in a sleek sanctuary.

Inspired by Vancouver’s forward-thinking, innovative reputation - and the hardworking yet balance-seeking individuals who make it up - Leisure Center combines luxury and leisure in a beautifully designed environment that strives to elevate the city’s cultural identity. Bringing together the best brands, artists, architects and luxury concepts, Leisure Center offers an experience and proposes a modern redefinition of leisure time. Put simply, “life doesn’t begin and end with the objects we purchase.”



Luxury is no longer defined by heavy adornment but rather subtlety; be it in the way a shoulder drapes, or a that shirt collar falls, the focus has shifted. At Leisure Center you will find this new definition of luxury through collections that place talent before trend. Craftsmanship over trending fashions, you will find elevated offerings that come from the mainline visionaries of Balenciaga, Comme des Garçons, Haider Ackerman, and many more. We present the cutting-edge of luxury fashion with true artisans and uncompromising new creatives, through brands such as MA+, Guidi and Devoa. We additionally provide a thoughtful curation of sustainably sourced and made products from the likes of John Alexander Skelton, Petrucha Studio, and Story MFG.


From the runway to your hands, Leisure Center serves as a communicative medium through which the visions of brands such as Loewe and Rick Owens can travel. In and amongst well established names like Yohji Yamamoto you will find trail blazing lesser-known brands like Avant Toi and Uma Wang who will pique the interest of even the most seasoned fashion connaisseurs. The artisanal luxury offerings at Leisure Center from the likes of Toogood and Geoffrey B. Small are objects of beauty that are covetable not only for their quality but their story alike. Craft above all else. We support and celebrate makers and movers who place an emphasis on savoir-faire and individual expression.


We believe that culture expands our horizons and broadens our minds; we take a meditative approach to select media and carry the same ideology through its consumption. It begins with the subtleties, such as the music that rings throughout the store providing mood and tone. For this reason, we enlisted the aid of Jonny Nash (Melody As Truth) and Vancouver’s thriving, boundary-pushing music scene - to produce original store soundtracks that accent and enhance the shopping experience. A tightly curated book selection comes from world-renowned dealer Donlon Books, who provides tangible yet subversive offerings of new and rare publications. Our dedicated seminar space is an intimate setting in which we can explore and connect with the culture around us. We have had the honour to host a range of events - from meditation sessions in partnership with Equinox to forums with Women in Tech.


There is little that has as meaningful of an impact on the psyche as the space in which we create, dream, and live. At Leisure Center, we provide objects for the home environment as well as a meticulously designed environ of our own. From custom built audio systems complete with vintage Klipsch speakers to art installations curated by Professor Patrick Andersson it is all accented by furniture from Finn Juhl and Christien Meindertsma. You will also find a hand-selected collection of beautifully crafted housewares ranging from brands like the Italian titan Fornasetti to design classics like Le Corbusier We are always searching for new additions to the collection of beautiful objects that elevate our own space and provide the backdrop for personal experience.


The body is the housing for one’s consciousness and without it, we would simply be floating through the empty void of space. It is important to care for your housing as you would anything else and provide it with high-quality ingredients for growth. We are happy to provide just this through our wellbeing bar directed by The Alchemist’s Kitchen - their first outpost outside of their New York home. True to its name, the objective is transformation—not of iron into gold - but of the self. It offers a celebration of the power of plants via a contemporary, evolving selection of whole-plant tonics and power foods. Beyond consumable goods, there sits a curated range of cutting-edge home appliances, as well as a natural beauty and cosmetics section. We feature products that celebrate the use of natural ingredients complemented by extensive scientific research from the likes of Haeckel's and La Bruket. Health from the inside out.


Real service is built on thoughtful, interpersonal service, and we believe that the building of relationships does not end at the store front. Our VIP pods encapsulate this approach by focusing the attention on each individual client rather than of the products. Only then can we cater to individuals, individually. In contrast, our “Kids’ Office” is a truly fun place that goes against the overly serious trappings of most luxury environments. Life doesn’t begin and end with objects - we know that. Because first and foremost, Leisure Center is about offering an experience and questioning how we might ideally spend our leisure time if we stepped away from digital distraction and into more meaningful interactions. What would our day look like?

An Introduction to Leisure Center

CMK established in 2010 by architectural practices Mueller Kneer was chosen to design Leisure Center in 2016. CMK has garnered prestige in producing spaces for the arts, culture and fashion.

Ground Level

1. Iconic Corridor

Leisure Center is a destination for forward thinking souls from all over the world, a place where clothing, art and inner wellbeing can be experienced in a wholly new way, far from the mundane shopping centers and retail chain scene. Casper Mueller Kneer used Lshaped aluminum paneled walls to keep the space both open and labyrinthine.

2. Pop-up Space

Culture at its best expands our horizons and broadens our minds at Leisure Center, we provide a space specifically for artists and designers showing their work.

3. Library

Our book selection comes from world renowned dealer Donlon Books, who brings a tangible, subversive offering of new and rare publications.

4. Tonic Bar

Inspired by New York’s progressive concept Alchemist’s Kitchen, which works with the best plant based ingredients to conjure innovative, revitalizing food and drink.

5. Lifestyle

Put simply, Leisure Center is the world we want to live in, and this extends to the interiors, art and technology we surround ourselves with the best lifestyle product.

6. Garment

A redefining of luxury clothing, footwear and accessories that places talent before trend; thoughtful craftsmanship before quick fix fashion.

7. Ground Pattern

Commissioned by Canadian paper company Barber-Ellis in 1931. In keeping with their previous works the firm employed an art deco theme throughout the building, much of which is still intact today.

Lower Ground

The practice works with a wide range of briefs and scales, from cultural spaces and buildings, to private and commercial interiors, down to the design of bespoke furniture.

8. Seminar Room

seminar space is an intimate setting for bringing our culture to life. It is a space for announcing and sharing the forward thinking ideas that resonate with our ethos.

9. Vip Pods

Real service is built on thoughtful, considered service and the building of human relationships that don’t end at the store front. Our uncompromising VIP pods encapsulate this approach.

10. Kids Office

“Kids Office” is a truly fun place that goes against the over serious trappings of most luxury environments.

11. Vintage Audio

Custom built vintage audio system, vintage Klipsch speakers; it is about a 360 degree, relatable experience that brings people closer to the soul and skill behind the items they cherish.