Leon Emanuel Blanck

There are certain creators who shun the preconceived notion of what their chosen medium is thought to be in an attempt to expand beyond it. Leon Emanuel Blanck is one such creator. After living with his grandfather in the countryside of Bavaria during his studies, Blanck became increasingly drawn to the practice of design. He ultimately turned to clothing as his final choice, spending nearly two years developing his first collection of garments. Through trial and error, Blanck has formed a unique developmental approach that involves directly sculpting fabric around what he refers to as a human cast. As such, each item is entirely asymmetric and induplicateable in nature. Blanck searches for the beauty within the asymmetry of the human body rendering each of his garments an expression of the ‘cast’ used for the design. This approach to design makes for garments that may fit differently on each half of one body but this incongruous feeling is one that Blanck believes will create an even deeper connection between the garment and its keeper. Each piece of Leon Emanuel Blanck clothing is as beautiful inside as it is out as a result of the detailed notes the designer keeps to enable the garment’s construction. With no panels repeated throughout a design, each is a meditation on the individual.